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Dynomutt, Dog Wonder 1x9

The Queen Hornet

The Blue Falcon and Dynomutt attempt to get evidence that will put away that buzzing vixen, The Queen Hornet. They chase her after she hijacks an armored car full of money, but, due to a string of Dog Wonder Blunders, they are stuck in a tree. The Queen Hornet uses her quick-drying “”Honeysticker”” on The Daring Duo and brings them to the basement of The Hornet’s Nest nightclub (an appropriate GHQ for such a mean Queen), where she hopes a swarm of her “”little brothers and sisters,”” her trained hornets, will build an unbreakable nest around Blue Falcon and Dog Wonder. They are saved by the Dyno Car Wash and jet by Falconcar overseas to catch and stop Queen Hornet and her lackeys in the act of stealing the famous moon diamonds from returning astronauts. They trace her to the landing capsule, where they discover the gooey “”honey-sticker”” has frozen the astronauts immobile. D.W. cuts a hole in the bottom of the capsule and dives out, activating his Dyno Flotation Collar which succeeds in bri

Nov. 06, 1976

Dynomutt, Dog Wonder season 1

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